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        Swedish indoor P8 fixed installation round led display project

        Release time:2019-10-31



        Project information: led stadium screen

        Installation location: Sweden

        Product: Indoor P8led fixed installation round screen

        Box size: 1024*896mm

        Whole screen area: 20.48*0.896m


        The stadium LED display technology solution system consists of an editing part, a display part, and an audio and video control part. The editing part is edited by an editing machine, and then the edited file is transmitted to the broadcaster through the network, and played in a predetermined manner.

            The audio and video control system is composed of video recorders, DVD players, stadium broadcasting systems, closed-circuit televisions, satellite receivers and other video equipment. Multi-channel audio and video consoles can realize unattended automatic playback through the serial port of the broadcaster.

            System functions:

            1. Video display function:

            Realize the conversion of VGA and Video signal, the superimposition of image and text can be realized through the subtitle machine

            2. Video broadcast function:

            Real-time display of video images, real-time live broadcast, broadcast TV and satellite TV; broadcast video programs such as video recorders and DVD players.

            3. The function of playing computer information:

            It can display various graphics, patterns, animations and other computer information; the playback system can input and play different information, and has a fully automatic playback function.

            4. Sports competition information and sports results announcement function:

            It can meet the requirements of various indoor international sports competitions, and can use the corresponding application software to display rankings, results, recorded results, and competition item introductions for different competition rules.

            5. Game clock function:

            It can conveniently set any required time according to different competition events, and can change the ways of increasing, decreasing, running time, clearing, pause, counting up, counting down, etc. It has an automatic end-of-field alarm function.

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