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        hbying has set up after-sales service points all over the country to completely solve your worries

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        Service process

        Service process

        • Pre sales consultation

          Understand user needs and respond quickly

        • Customized scheme

          Free formulation of plans and renderings

        • Accurate quotation

          Provide appropriate quotation according to the demand

        • Door to door installation

          Experienced personnel installation guidance

        • Technical support

          National 24-hour effect free service


        Huabangying has a strong after-sales service team of nearly 100 people. Hua Bangying always insists on daily maintenance and repair, Combined with the maintenance mode, it can really respond to repair quickly, timely and quickly remove the fault.
        • Professional and high quality service team

        • Modest and prudent service attitude

        • Pragmatic and innovative service spirit

        • Insight into the keen sense of service

        Professional Team

        The company adheres to the business philosophy of quality-based and people-oriented; constantly develops and innovates products on the premise of ensuring quality to provide users with products with maximum value; for customers, huabangying follows the "three no principles", does not perfunctorily, does not slack off, does not cheat; puts customer satisfaction in the first place, respects customers' ideas, and realizes mutual benefit and win-win situation and coordinated development.

        • Technical team

        • Service team

        • Sales team

        • The development team